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Hayes' Prime Crop, Premium Grade, Connoisseur Coffees There are three categories of coffees: Robusta, Liberian, and Arabica Coffees Liberians are not available; Robusta are cheap coffees…grown cheaply to be sold cheaply; Arabica coffees are the finer coffees.

Arabica coffees account for only 1/3 of all the world’s coffees. Of this third only about 10% qualify to be graded as ‘‘gourmet’’ quality Arabica beans… ten percent of the third! Of the ten percent of the third,only about 1% of the that number.

One percent of 10% of the third of world production-are prime crop premium grade Arabicas… only 1% of the tem percent of the third. Prime crops premium grad coffees account for only 1 pound one out of every 30,000 pounds grown…1 pound out of every 30,000 lbs.-very impressive. Not all estate Arabicas qualify to be prime crop, premium grade, connoissiur quality Arabicas. A coffee must be hand-harvested, washed, sun-dried, estate grown, and prime crop to be a connoisseur quality Arabica coffee.

One out of 30,000.

beans of this quality are the only beans Hayes puts its label on. Beans of this quality are the only beans we buy. Beans of this quality are the only beans we roast. Beans of this quality are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Growers are growing less and less of the prime crop, premium grade, Connoisseur quality Arabicas. Growers are tired of the price haggling. Growers now tell the big buyers, “ Okay, you want to pay cheap prices, no problem, we’ll grow arabicas cheaply, and sell them to you cheaply… You want to pay cheap prices, we’ll sell you cheap coffees at cheap prices.” That the way it always goes. You can’t buy a Rolls Royce for the price of a 10 years old Chevette.

Growers are going to sell what buyers want… cheap Arabicas… Machine-harvested…Machine-processed…Machine-cleaned… Machine-dried… And machine-packed. The machines that vacuum-suck the coffee beans off the bushes can’t tell ripe beans from medium ripe beans from green, unripe beans. The machines that scrape off the husks from the beans can’t polish the beans like-hand washing can machines that machine-dry the beans can’t absorb the sun and get the richness of flavor that you get from sun dried beans.machines can’t tell the quality of beans that a human sorter can see. However, big buyers pay for. Hayes’ Coffees buys the absolute finest coffees grown on the face of this earth. 100% Estate Arabicas, hand-harvested, hand washed and hand polished, sun dried, hand graded, prime corps, all premium grade beans….. And we pay premium prices….. We buy the Rolls Royse of coffees….. We pay Rolls Royse prices….. We get what we pay for. You get what you pay for….The absolute finest coffees sold anywhere at any price..…Our customers are the 1 out of 30,000... YOU DESERVE IT. Hayescoffee.com


Before roasting, coffee beans are green and resemble split peas. These green beans, while hard as stones, still contain a lot of moisture. During the roasting the outer layer of the coffee bean comes off…this is the “skin” of the coffee bean, also called the “chaff.’’ During the roasting process the coffee beans lose about 16%-20% of the moisture, depending on how dark the coffee beans are to be roasted. Gourmet roasters throw the chaff away; cheap coffee roasters do not. Cheap coffee roasters collect chaff and compress it into pellets, then add the pellets back to the beans, thus enabling the weight in the bags to be higher. Just open up a bag of cheap coffee beans and pour some into your hand …those teeny tiny things that look like midget coffee beans are really the chaff added back to increase the weight.

This allows the chaff/coffee bean mix to be sold cheap while at the same time keeping the profits as high as possible. Since the chaff, the skin, is part of the coffee bean, it is legal to say, “100% Pure Coffee.” they just cannot and do not say “100% Coffee Beans .” Also, since 16%-20% of the moisture of beans is lost in the roasting, it is legal 16%-20% of the moisture to be added back to the coffee via “mist spraying.” This is done by “mist spraying” the beans or the ground coffee and ground chaff as it goes down the conveyor belts. All of this is legal.

You will always get exactly what you pay for… this is no bargain. All major coffee companies have their coffee roasters with a water line hookup and all major coffee companies have chaff collector hookups to their coffee roasters. Just visit their plants. Some major coffee companies even add ground chicory to ground coffee; some add beans and other fillers to the ground coffee they sell.

Hayes’ coffees contain no fillers, no chaff, no added water…ever.

www.hayescoffee.com We use no Brazils and we use no Robusta.


www.hayescoffee.com 24 Hour Phone: 708-790-1914 P.O. Box 3082 Oak Park, IL 60303