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Message Body: Dear Hayes Coffee,

I got my order from you yesterday. The Arabian Mattari that I ordered is smooth and delicious! I told myself I was going to just have one cup of it during the day. However, after the third cup, that became no longer possible. Thanks for roasting such a satisfying and high-quality product.

I have been buying coffee from mr. hayes since before his web site was even a twinkle in his eye. It is about 40 years, and have found them an excellent coffee supplier, for price, quality, and wide-ranging selection of coffees. (They also make a very nice -- not too sweet -- granola.)

I have been ordering coffee from Hayes Coffees for 3 decades. The quality of the care for the beans, washing before roasting, makes all the varieties an excellent taste experience.

Happy in New Hampshire

I had previously got coffee from his retail shop, but because of problems I ordered it from his web site one morning. I was totally surprised when my order was delivered that afternoon. it was the same great coffee. he understands how to roast kenya coffee better than anyone else!

Hayes coffees are, in every way, wonderful. shipping is prompt and the product meets the expectation of excellence. body: excellent coffee choice, excellent coffee, very fast shipping.

The owner actually drops off my order on his way home, saving me shipping charges. this is real customer service! body: I have had positive experiences on every purchase placed with hayes coffee co. packaging and delivery all top notches. highly recommended!

I used to live close to the store and love the coffee. it's the best! when we moved away, I began ordering on-line. they were always very accommodating in person and continued that in on-line ordering. for instance, I asked for a certain flavor coffee in decaf and they were able to provide it even though it wasn't listed on the website.

I had very specialized need which they filled. most decaf coffees still have some caffeine. my wife cannot handle even the smallest amount of caffeine. hayes produces a totally caffeine free decaf. good products and nice people to do business with.

This is the best coffee Iíve ever had, and hayes consistency invokes confidence.

The store has plenty of coffee and tea choices and the quality is superb. you will never be disappointed when you order from hayes coffee online or at their store in oak park, Illinois.

Best coffee and service I Ďve found to date.

Excellent coffee.

I enjoy hayes coffee. I have tried others but I come back to hayes!

The speed of handling and delivery was amazing, and at christmas time too!

Great coffee, excellent service, reasonable price. dealing with sam was a pleasure. you can tell he cares about his product and his customers.

A varied and fresh selection. excellent quality. however, I would have preferred an airtight bag for the coffee with the one-way valve. I will purchase again from this vendor in small quantities.

Excellent coffee roaster; I especially like the way that he roasts kenya coffees -- he avoids bitterness that I sometimes find in other kenya coffees.

Great coffee. great service. body: Iíve dealt with hayes coffees since before he got on the net and have always found his coffees first-rate and his information very valuable. body: hayes coffee makes the best coffee! their prices are reasonable for quality coffee, but fed ex was the only shipping option. i asked for a flavor in decaf that was not listed on the website and they were able to send it to me. everything arrived quickly and in good condition.